Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Viet's SoyCafe

Rather than the typical Vietnamese fare of pho and bun, this tiny Vietnamese joint offers, amongst other inventive dishes, traditional Vietnamese sandwiches with ingredients stuffed into an 8" baguette with peanut sauce and pepper sprinkled on top for a little kick. Not purely vegetarian as many think (they have a chicken and a fish dish) it really is the numerous vegetarian/ vegan items on the menu that stand out. My personal fav is the very delicious "soynugs" again served with the spicy peanut sauce. I usually order 3 orders! 2 to eat at the counter and 1 for later. The owner, Viet, pre-prepares all of his ingredients before opening and when something's out, it's out. He also makes his own tofu and about 5 different homemade soymilks, including cinnamon, chai and vanilla flavoured. Delish!! The soymilk is also available by the quart to take home. The atmosphere is very cozy and welcoming in that "Oh I just found the greatest tiniest place around the corner from my house!" kind of way. With only a slim stainless steel counter and 7 stools and one two-top, don't plan on going with a party. Good news though, Viet's opening a new restaurant in Atwater Village in the fall. It will be much roomier. Don't worry, the original will stay open. The only downside to SoyCafe is the hours. Kind of weird. They're open Sunday through Thursday and only for lunch. Call ahead to make sure they're open. I've often found myself squinting into the darkened restaurant on Fridays or Saturdays.

1997 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (323) 663-7888

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